Welcome to The SME Clinic

The SME Clinic was borne out of the need to deliver transformative services to entrepreneurs and owner-managed businesses to enable them to succeed in a fast-paced and increasingly digitalised world. We are not a conventional accountancy practice; sure, we do all the usual “numbers” stuff (and we’re really good at it!), but what we offer goes above and beyond.

We are fully aware that most businesses have great people, products and service offerings yet may still fall short of their true value proposition. In our experience, this is because businesses never truly recognise the potential they have, and therefore cannot exploit it to its fullest. Worst still, if this is exacerbated by a lack of agility in a fast-paced dynamic market, the consequences can be catastrophic for the business.

Our uniqueness lies in the time we take to ‘live and breath’ in the space your business operates in; we garner a deep understanding of your products, services, markets, people, customers and supply chain. Our collaborative approach and wider network brings together a unique blend of skills, knowledge and experience to transform this understanding into a successful, dynamic and sustainable business for you. With cutting edge tools, we’ll help you deliver your vision through innovation and expansion, supported by our own creative and often radical yet robust and proven methodologies tailored to meet your precise needs.

We’ve been doing this for a long time, quietly building great value for our clients. So, if you want a team that will commit to you, your culture and ambition, then we think we might be a good fit for you. And, if you enjoy working with a team that has huge drive, deeply ingrained values and a demonstrable track record of achievement, then we might even be a perfect fit for your business. Either way, we’d love to hear from you!

What our clients say

I had studied History of Art and worked as a buyer/seller buying and selling of miniature items for 30 years – for somebody else. I could write a catalogue and discuss the finer points of a piece. I could even sell Chinese Snuff Bottles back to China but I didn’t know how to organise the nuts and bolts of a business. The SME Clinic have provided me with guidance every step of the way. I had left my safe job and decided to go it alone but was totally daunted by the interface with Banks, HMRC etc. but The SME Clinic have enabled me to focus on my business whilst they take care of my back office. I could not recommend The SME Clinic highly enough.

Susan Page – Founder – Snuffbottle Pages

What our clients say

When the SME Clinic first looked at the media project we had in development, it was a revelation. The numbers The SME Clinic came up with were backed by a forensic-level approach to market evidence and analysis that we’d never encountered before – even across our decades of experience in the industry. It completely changed we way we saw our project. This, reinforced by their steadfast, unfaltering and consistently insightful support has been crucial to our developing success. 

Mark Elliott – Co-Founder – STORYWORLD PRODUCTIONS

What our clients say

The SME Clinic has delivered outstanding services to the businesses going through the three CivTech Scotland Accelerators. The businesses have been through a world-class sequence of workshops and coaching sessions. Many of the people came in with little or no understanding of business modelling. That they came out with a real grasp of the possibilities for their business is a real testament to the professionalism, expertise and effort from Tilesh and his team. And the icing on the cake? Everyone at The SME Clinic is a real pleasure to work alongside!

Rui Cardoso – Challenge Sponsor Manager – CIVTECHS COTTISH GOVERNMENT

What our clients say

We have worked with Tilesh and the team at The SME Clinic for a number of years and have been consistently impressed with their work ethic, can do approach, accessibility and speed of turnaround when working on time critical projects. The balanced mix of skill sets that exceeds a purely financial focus allows a business such as ours to engage with The SME Clinic on a broader scope.  As a dynamic business that is owner managed with a planned and strategic growth curve driven by a high energy team it is key that we work with partners who are like minded, entrepreneurial in their outlook and genuinely nice people.  This is what we have found at The SME Clinic

Jo & Lee Evans – Business Owners – UNITE PROFESSIONALS

What our clients say

Paramount Court Residents Limited (PCRL) has had the benefit of The SME Clinic’s services for over five years during which they have provided accounting, tax and general business advice.  Throughout their work and advice has been of the highest order and diligently given on a timely basis. I don’t hesitate to recommend them to any interested party who is looking for a most professional accounting/business service.”

Tim Harris – Director – PCRL


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