The Structures and Buildings Allowances (SBA) facilitates tax relief on qualifying capital expenditure on new non-residential structures and buildings. The relief applies to the qualifying costs of building and renovating commercial structures.

The relief was introduced with effect from 29 October 2018, at an annual rate of 2% on a straight-line basis (over 50 years). As part of the Budget measures, the Chancellor has announced an increase in the annual allowance to 3% from 1 April 2020, for businesses within the charge to corporation tax and from 6 April 2020, for businesses within the charge to income tax. This new relief will provide businesses with over £1 billion in additional relief by the end of 2024-25.

The increased rate of relief will help further support business investment in constructing new non-residential structures and buildings including necessary preparatory costs, and the improvement of existing ones. The announcement will also help improve the international competitiveness of the UK’s capital allowances system.

Businesses whose chargeable period spans 1 April (corporation tax) or 6 April (income tax), may claim 2% per year for days in that period before the operative date and 3% for days thereafter. No relief is available where parts of the structure qualify for other allowances, such as Plant & Machinery allowances.

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