We have made passing references to business planning in recent articles published to this newsfeed; about the need to secure and plan your bank resources to better cope with the disruptions caused by COVID-19.

Government seems to be preparing us for a further increase in the rate of infections once autumn arrives. Accordingly, we need to tread carefully when considering planning options for this year and next year.

Government grants and soft loans have allowed many businesses to ride out the initial coronavirus outbreak and may have provided some reassurance. However, all good planning needs to create options based on best and worst-case scenarios. If we have to face another lock-down this coming winter the more efficient and prepared we become the better our chance to survive.

What should we be considering?

Every business will have its own particular planning options, but we have listed below a few specific suggestions that might trigger ideas for your business planning options this summer:

  • If you are in retail develop or refine your online shopping options.
  • Support staff that can readily adapt to home working to be ready to switch from an office to home-working environment should the need arise.
  • Capitalise on the experience of making online meetings – Zoom etc – rather than face-to-face meetings.
  • If you are trading in a vulnerable sector, shop fitters for example, consider offering refits to become COVID compliant, screens, signage etc.

If you have not yet set aside time to consider your options, we can help. If we are about to face renewed disruption this winter better to face this by planning how we would respond. Please call if you do need help. 

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